Chav-Mobile – Burberry Maserati Quattroporte

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Now I’m not a much of a car lover, but even i know what looks good…. and this doesn’t look good. At all! What idiot would take a beautiful car like this and cover it with a (crappy job) Burberry wrap?!  Saudi Arabia, plenty of money, no style….



What’s your beef with God?!

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‘Allah meat’ astounds Nigerians, but only gets a chuckle out of me!

The gristle spells 'Muhammad' in Arabic

Diners have been flocking to a restaurant in northern Nigeria to see pieces of meat which the owner says are inscribed with the name of Allah.

What looks like the Arabic word for God and the name of the prophet Muhammad were discovered in pieces of beef by a diner in Birnin Kebbi.

He was about to eat it, when he suddenly noticed the words in the gristle, the restaurant owner said.

Hidden messages from a Higher Power or just gristle that almost looks like a word? Hmmm…

What a prick!

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penis man

A judge has ordered a 19-year-old man to write an apology to the city of Saratoga Springs in New York for dressing in a penis constume at a high school graduation.

Nothing was done to all the othere pricks who were there though.

To the point of stupidity?!

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With the UK ‘Stabbed To Death’ toll closing in on 20 murders this year, the Government (R-Tards) are pulling out all the stops to combat this rising trend…

pointed long knife crime

 They are talking about removing the sharp pointed end from kitchen knives. Well, that outta do it boys! With most stabbings being done with household kitchen knives this is the best they can come up with?!

Instead of more stop and search programmes or a greater police presence,  why not adapt the weapons people use to make them less harmful!! Genius!

The tampon-firing gun is nearly ready to hit the UK market. It fires cotton bullets that plug the whole they make and stem the blood flow, thus reducing fatalities. Rubber hammers have been available since the early 80’s but are rarely used.

When not to drink on the job….

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So some jobs you may be able to get by after a few beers, slumped on your desk, hiding behind your PC screen. Not however when you have to referee a full game of football (that’s soccer to the uneducated) that’s also being broadcast live on TV! Good work that fella!

I still think football sucks.

Who Wants To Know?!

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So Big Dom sent me a post card, and in true Evil Big Dom style it had a religous undertone! I think we share the same hatred for religion, and this made me chuckle!