What’s your beef with God?!

‘Allah meat’ astounds Nigerians, but only gets a chuckle out of me!

The gristle spells 'Muhammad' in Arabic

Diners have been flocking to a restaurant in northern Nigeria to see pieces of meat which the owner says are inscribed with the name of Allah.

What looks like the Arabic word for God and the name of the prophet Muhammad were discovered in pieces of beef by a diner in Birnin Kebbi.

He was about to eat it, when he suddenly noticed the words in the gristle, the restaurant owner said.

Hidden messages from a Higher Power or just gristle that almost looks like a word? Hmmm…


One Response to “What’s your beef with God?!”

  1. Allah or not, if someone served me up that grisley shite they would be praying I didn’t ram it up their arse! Where is the meat on that?

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